Andrea Wilson

Andrea Wilson

Andrea Wilson is an expert in finding simple and cost-effective alternatives to traditional TV. With years under her belt, she's a trusted voice in the cord-cutting community. She has dedicated countless hours to in-depth research, guiding viewers how to stream their favourite shows without a cable subscription. she's an avid hiker, a mystery novel enthusiast and a dog lover.

OTT vs. CTV: What Makes Them Different?

OTT vs. CTV— What Makes Them Different?

The video industry is shifting between two major distribution models – OTT and CTV. While they sound very similar to streaming platforms, OTT and CTV utilize different technical approaches. For consumers navigating the myriad viewing options, understanding the core differences…

What Is Cord Nevers & Why It Is Important?

Cord Nevers

The term “cord nevers” refers to a growing segment of consumers who have never subscribed to cable or satellite TV. Instead, these consumers rely entirely on internet-based services for video entertainment. Cord Nevers represents an important shift in how people,…

Networked Tuners: A Complete Guide 2024

Networked Tuners: A Complete Guide

Networked tuners allow you to seamlessly watch, record, and stream free over-the-air TV across all your home devices. Just connect an antenna to the tuner and access live channels anywhere via your home network. Modern tuners integrate DVR capabilities to…

What Is HDR10+ (Explained)

HDR10+: Explained

HDR10+ represents an enhanced version of the widely adopted HDR10 standard for high dynamic range video. Introduced in 2017, HDR10+ incorporates dynamic metadata that allows frame-by-frame adjustments to picture quality similar to Dolby Vision.  This provides finer tuning of colors,…

What is A Media Server?

Media Server: A Complete Guide

A media server is an indispensable part of any modern digital home, helping you conveniently store, organize, stream, and share your music, photos, videos, movies, and other media with all your devices. Setting up a centralized home media server enables…

What is Ethernet: Everything You Need To Know

Ethernet: A Complete Guide

Ethernet represents the wired backbone of home networks, providing fast and stable connectivity for stationary devices. While WiFi serves mobile devices, connecting desktop PCs, smart TVs, games consoles, network storage systems, printers, and more via Ethernet cables enables speeds up…

What Is Router: A Complete Guide

Router: A Complete Guide

Routers form the core of any home network, connecting all your devices and the internet. Choosing the right router optimizes your network performance, provides robust WiFi coverage indoors and outdoors, and enables secure access controls. Modern routers have useful features…

What is Dolby Vision? Explained

Dolby Vision: Explained

Dolby Vision represents a cutting-edge High Dynamic Range (HDR) format that delivers extraordinary picture quality for 4K Ultra HD televisions. Introduced by Dolby Laboratories in 2015, Dolby Vision builds upon HDR 10 by adding dynamic metadata on a scene-by-scene basis.…

What is 4K Resolution?

4K: Explained

4K, also known as Ultra HD, refers to a television display resolution that provides four times as many pixels as a standard 1080p high-definition (HD) TV. With about 8 million pixels (3840 x 2160 resolution), 4K TVs can create images…