Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)


Simple.TV 1Simple.TV by Silicondust
Physical Features
TV inputSingle RF connectorSingle RF connector
TV pass-thoughSingle RF connectorNone
Network i/o100-base-T ethernet100-base-T ethernet
Storage i/oUSB 2.0USB 2.0
Power inputDC 12vDC 12v
Power usage12 watts12 watts
Video & Audio Formats
TV input signalAntenna (ATSC), Cable (ClearQAM)Antenna (ATSC), Cable (ClearQAM)
Video output formatH.264 multi-variant streams (3 streams)H.264 multi-variant streams (4 streams)
File outputHLS, MP4HLS, MP4
Audio outputAAC stereoAAC stereo
Storage use1.5GBytes/hour – adjustable1.5GBytes/hour – adjustable
File system for attached storageJFSEXT4

Questions & Answers

What is Simple.TV?

Simple.TV is a personal DVR that streams live and recorded TV programs to web-connected devices like the iPad, Roku media streamer, and PCs and Macs. Depending on the model, it includes either one or two HDTV tuners that record TV to a external storage that you provide. In a nutshell, you get free HDTV on your computer, tablet or connected TV without a cable subscription.

What’s different about Simple.TV?

Firstly, Simple.TV doesn’t plug directly into your TV set. Instead, it is a video server, streaming TV to your internet connected devices.

Second, Simple.TV only works with broadcast television (antenna) and unenrypted digital cable (ClearQAM). It won’t let you record cable channels if your cable operator has encrypted them. The best way to tell if Simple.TV will work with your cable is to plug your cable into your TV directly – without the cable box – and see if you get TV. Also – no Satellite TV support.

Third, BYO storage. With SimpleTV, you plug in your own hard drive (or fast USB 3.0 memory sticks). Down the road, we’ll be support NAS – network attached storage.

How much does Simple.TV cost?

Simple.TV DVR starts at $199.99, excluding tax, shipping and handling. Our Premiere subscription service is extra, but gives you access to stream shows outside your home, download shows to your mobile device or PC/Mac, and set-up automatic TV series recordings. You can buy a 1-year subscription or a lifetime subscription. Visit our store for more information.

Is Simple.TV available in my country?

Simple.TV is available in the United States today and is coming to Canada and Europe early next year.

What do I need to use Simple.TV?

  • An ATSC digital antenna (or ClearQAM cable)
  • A USB 2.0 or 3.0 hard drive (or even a high-performance USB memory stick)
  • A home network with access to the internet
  • A PC or Mac running Firefox, Chrome or Safari to setup your account online and to watch TV

What sort of channels can I get with Simple.TV?

Most customers will be able to receive FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CW and other channels available in their broadcast area. Check out our antenna and show guide to see what you are likely to get in your home.

Does Simple.TV get HDTV?

That depends on your TV service. Most over-the-air channels (the kind you receive with an antenna) are in HD – and they look fantastic!

How many tuners does Simple.TV have?

Simple.TV 1 has a single HDTV tuner, Simple.TV by Silicondust has two tuners. However, you can watch up to 5* different recordings at once (or multiple users can watch the same live TV channels at the same time on different devices) so the whole family can catch up on their favorite shows simultaneously.

*Simple.TV playback performance is limited by your network bandwidth and USB hard drive performance.

What devices can I watch Simple.TV on?

There are three main ways to watch live and recorded programming with Simple.TV:

  • A web browser on your PC or Mac (Firefox, Chrome and Safari are currently supported)
  • A Roku streaming media box (running the Simple.TV “channel”)
  • An iPad (running the Simple.TV app, downloadable from the App Store*)
  • An Android device (coming soon!)

How many people can watch Simple.TV at once?

Up to 5* simultaneous connections are possible. Mom, dad and three kids can all watch different recorded shows on different devices. And if you have the Premier service, you can watch from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. With Simple.TV by Silicondust, you can watch two different live shows simultaneously.

*Simple.TV playback performance is limited by your network bandwidth and USB hard drive performance.

What’s the Free vs. Premier Service?

With our free service you’ll get full HD video; the ability to record, watch and pause live TV; and in-home streaming. Recording is limited to what’s on.

Simple.TV Premier adds unlimited global streaming for up to 5 users, the ability to schedule recordings automatically of all your favorite shows and our rich interactive program guide.

Premier is currently available either as a yearly subscription ($59.99 per year) or as a one-time lifetime subscription ($149.99 one-time fee).

Are you offering a monthly subscription option?

Simple.TV is only available with annual or lifetime options.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your any time before the product ships from our warehouse. To cancel your order visit and select one of the contact options. We’ll process your refund as soon as possible. Once your order has shipped, it is subject to our standard return policy.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, with the following conditions:

  • Simple.TV must be returned in original packaging with all materials in the same condition in which is was received
  • All shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser
  • A 15% restocking fee will be incurred if the returned product does not include all the original components in the same condition in which it was received.
  • Goods received as damaged are subject to an excess restocking fee, which depends on the individual case. Visit our support page and select one of the contact options. We’ll contact you with instructions on how to proceed.

What is the Simple.TV warranty?

Really Simple Software Inc. warrants that the Simple.TV hardware will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers repair, or replacement with a new or refurbished Simple.TV box, free of charge. You are responsible for the cost of shipping. No other warranties are expressed or implied. To obtain warranty service, please visit our support page and select one of our contact options.

Can I transfer my subscription if I buy a new unit?

Yes! Rest assured whether you buy a unit today or upgrade to a new unit a year from now, we won’t charge you extra for the subscription. Every Simple.TV subscription can accommodate new units as long as you have a valid Simple.TV subscription.

I have 2 Simple.TV units, do I need an extra subscription?

No! We believe in value and we don’t nickel and dime you to death. Our subscriptions are tied to you (the viewer) and you can choose to have one unit or many units on your account. As long as you’re the primary subscriber, you can have as many units as you wish.

Are there termination fees with Simple.TV subscriptions?

No! Unlike some of our competitors, we want to keep things simple. You can sign up for our 1 Year annual subscription and if you wish to terminate your subscription, let’s us know and we’ll do our best to convince you otherwise. But seriously, we don’t charge a termination fee.